• English Learning+

    English Learning

    USA Learns

    The USA Learns is a top-rated website for those who want to learn advanced English. An advantage of this website is when a member logs out; it saves lesson and practice material. So when the member login later, the sessions will start from the point where it was left.

    British Council

    British council provides online free vocabulary and tests for adult learners. Those who want to seek advanced English practice as foreign language found it very helpful.


    Those who want to fluent their English speaking can visit Talk-English website. This is a very reliable source for speaking English.


    Alison offers English online courses according to the need of customers and the nature of the job. World's most expert tutors teach online to improve technical English learning.


    There is a collection of different lessons on English learning provided by various Universities.


    Edx not only supports to learn elementary English but also provide advance English learning certificate.


    Coursera is affiliated with different colleges and universities providing online English teaching certificates and other course-related online learning.


    Canvas offers a wide range of English courses online, provided by different organizations worldwide.

    Open Learning

    It helps to understand the philosophy of learning English across the world. They promote social learning so students can easily interact with each other.

  • Dictionaries+


    Oxford Dictionaries

    The focus of this website is to provide the advanced meaning of practical usage English. Along with definition, it also gives the possible synonyms.

    Dictionary Cambridge

    Cambridge is considered one of the best standard dictionaries. It provides the full meaning of words with audio pronunciation.

    Merriam Webster

    This web dictionary provides word standard meaning with details and audio pronunciation. It also states detailed usage of words in sentences.


    The most fantastic feature of this website is to provide the meaning of difficult words and synonyms separately in separate tabs.

    Collins Dictionary

    Collins dictionary is well known for bilingual words and its references. There is an additional option to translate the word into the desired language, such as Spanish, Italian, or French.

    Scrabble Hasbro

    Scrabble.hasbro dictionary is being used widely all over the world for contextual meaning of words, but especially in United States of America and Canada, this dictionary is considering as standard.

  • Grammar+



    Oppia not only accommodates syntax for basic English learning but also allow an extensive range of topics and subjects. Practice material for beginners education is composed in a very suitable manner, which makes it easy to use.

    English Grammar Online

    Teaching grammar and tips for learning can be found efficiently on ego4u website. The websites publish free test materials for English learners to quantify their ability. Majorly the topics cover general topics such as Olympics etc.

    Guide To Grammar

    Those who want to seek skills empowerment in grammar, relay on this website. Its index is designed in a simple manner which excludes complexity of use. From word and sentence level solution it gives an advanced level of learning material. Such as research papers and quizzes.

    English Grammar Secrets

    Most use of EnglishGramamrSecrets is for tenses learning. Once specific tense is explained grammatically, then at the end of each tense there is a test, which examines the score based on mastered ability.


    Different video tutorials by world's famous professors are uploaded covering topics from books and journals for users free of cost. Each question is designed systematically in ascending order according to the theme, which makes this website more reliable for English learning seekers.

  • Punctuations+


    EF UK

    Punctuations are most essential marks in English writing statements. This website allows learning English punctuations from beginners level to high professional standard.

    English Grammar Revolution

    There is three step process defined by English-grammar-revolution. Sign in, join an online course and practice on different books and topics.

    The Punctuation Guide

    The-punctuation-guide is one of the authentic websites which only elaborate punctuations. It gives multiple examples as per standard rules for learners, that how to use the punctuations.

    Really Learn English

    When someone wants to study English punctuation guidelines from books with reference, they must visit this website.

    Punctuation by Cambridge Dictionary

    This is the most trusted and reliable website for straightforwardly learning punctuations. If someone has a short time and can't afford long lessons, then this is the most suitable website, which saves your time.

  • English Compositions+

    English Compositions


    Study.com provides video lessons and practice material for non-native English speakers. The practice materials are composed according to the subject area of learners.

    English Composition by Learn.org

    This website is specially designed for students at the foundation level. Necessary learning and practice tests are designed keeping student's level and their learning ability in mind.

    Teacher JOE

    Moto of this website is to learn for better English. Each section is designed separately composed on general topics.

    English Composition by Saylor Academy

    Above website claims and offers critical writing practices for professionals and advanced level learners. On this website, courses are designed according to a communication medium. Suppose if the topic is general the writing practice will be easy, and if the writing or communication is for a professional scenario, then the practice materials and nature of paper will become different.

  • Quotations / Idioms+

    Quotations / Idioms

    Brainy Quote

    If someone is searching for Idioms, BrainyQuote is the best website ever. It gives the option to search from the most recent author's Idioms Quotes to the oldest one. Author name can also be searched by alphabetical order.

    Words To Live By

    On this website, Idioms are not only written but also designed with a bright art background. Most of the website visitors, copy image file (idioms) for facebook or twitter status.

    The Free Dictionary

    TheFreeDictionary has the largest collections of idioms. It explains in-depth definitions of idioms of different authors worldwide. Author name can also be searched, which enlighten all the list of phrases of the specific author.

    Smart Words

    SmartWords quotes are an exciting website. All the famous idioms of different authors are collected according to words headings. For example, if someone searches the word "happy" in a search bar, the website will collect all the idioms on the front which contains the word "happy."

    English Live

    This website is designed for non-native English speakers. It gives the meaning of idioms and additional useful features while speaking.

  • Poetry+



    Millions of poems are uploaded on this website. It has the collections of broad topics and genres embarking general to specific. Like, poems for kids, love, teachers, etc.

    Poem Hunter

    PoemHunter scrutinizes top 500 poems on front according to their set time fame. Apart from it, there is an extensive collection of poems by different authors.

    Poetry Foundation

    The most fantastic feature of this website is it gives additional audio feature. Someone can listen to the poem and can download it as well.

    Hello Poetry

    Users of this website can upload their poems easily. HelloPoetry is considered as a new growth path for newly poets. Login members of this website can share and rate someone uploaded poem.

    Library of Congress

    This website encourages new poets to flourish their ability. It provides purification to poets on their written poems. There is also an additional option of audio listening.

  • English+

    English as Secondary Language


    English mastery is one of the critical and mandatory parts of modern education. Teach.com offer English learning courses form elementary to advanced level. For native speakers, they suggest TESOL by their command and ability, and for non-native English speakers, ESL is recommended.

    IELTS by British Council

    BritishCouncil is considered one of the largest and authentic platforms for non-English speaking countries. They provide a wide range of different courses for those who seek to learn English as a second language. BritishCouncil is a registered organization from the government of UK, and its IELTS certificate is internationally accepted.

    Thought Co

    Bilingual speaking ability is an additional advantage. This website gathers different focus groups of native and non-native English speakers to practice and learn English as a second language.


    Here you can study anything on any topic for educational or future job prospects. Students can also enroll in English as a second language course.

    World Economic Forum

    If you are searching, that which country is best for you and English is not your first language or mother tongue. Then you might visit this site. This website will give all states statistics where English is spoken and the official language.

  • Courses+


    IELTS General

    IELTS Academic



    TOFEL Junior

    TOFEL Primary














  • Paper Guides+

    Paper Guides

    The Writing Center

    It's a writing center where you can get information related to writing papers.


    It's Wikipedia type website containing information related to almost all topics.

    Royal Literary Fund

    Resource website that helps in writing essays, reports, literature reviews, etc

  • Research Databases+

    Research Databases


    It provides open access to worlds research papers to the research community.


    containing more than 48 million papers.

    Directory of Open Access Journals

    An online catalog that gives access to high quality, open access, and peer-reviewed journals.

    Education Resources Information Center

    Get access to education resources of more than thousands.


    Pronounced as an archive, it gives open access to 1,463,669 e-prints in Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology, Quantitative Finance, Statistics, Electrical Engineering, and Systems Science, Economics and much more.


    PLOS is a nonprofit publisher, innovator and advocacy organization. 215,000+ peer-reviewed articles are free to access, reuse and redistribute.


    Provide high-quality journals, conference papers, and publications in almost all subjects for open access.

    ETH Zurich's Research Collection

    ETH Zurich's Research Collection for scientific publications and research data or submit your own research output.


    It is a very helpful online portal that gives authentic information related to open access databases.

    Bielefeld Academic Search Engine

    Search engine that gives access to more than 13 million documents.


    It's a blog website which gives direct links to the thousands of the articles.

  • Word Count Checker+

    Word Count Checker


    it gives correct word count and character, but apart from that, Its editor can assist with improving word decision and composing style, and, alternatively, assist with detecting language structure mix-ups and unoriginality.


    Word counter grants a enhanced report regarding the total number of characters and words. Even it will show the characters without spaces as well. Furthermore, the benefit of this medium one would get is to know the sum of syllables, monosyllabic and polysyllabic words. Addition to that the checker would also aware about the sentences and paragraphs also. In fact, an individual can avail the fruit of awareness of long, short, and special words.


    Tool to check word count and character. Apart from that, it has some additional features like You can also use Word Counter to track your text length against common web standards like Twitter, facebook, google posts.

  • Word Density+

    Word Density


    word frequency counter allows you to count the frequency usage of each word in your text.


    It gives specific word density in your written content by just pasting the material in the box.


    This keyword density tool is beneficial in enabling the users to refine the analysis and distribution of keywords within the existing content.

  • Referencing Guides+

    Referencing Guides

    Referencing Style Guidance

    Get help for five significant styles of referencing.

    Citing References

    Best website for getting guidance for citing references. It helps with all referencing styles.


    Online tool for best information related to referencing styles.

    Referencing Style Guides

    It helps with what style should you use and guides to almost all referencing styles.

  • Writing Styles+

    Writing Styles

    Writing Style Guide

    This is the best guide for those who have difficulty in reading and understanding written information.

    English Style Guide

    This Style Guide is intended primarily for English-language authors and translators, both in-house and freelance.

    Types of Writing Styles

    There are four types of writing styles; Expository, Descriptive, Persuasive, and Narrative

    Style Guide

    The Style Guide aims to provide a guide to writing and formatting documents written by any author. It is toolkit which enables the formal documentation to be presented consistently across all communications

  • Intext Citation Guides+

    In-text Citation Guides

    Citing and Referencing

    It provides notes for every type of in-text citation style. It gives a brief understanding of in-text citation to every referencing format.


    Citation guide for three citation styles that are APA, MLA, and Chicago.


    Most famous and authentic source for citation guides. They guide for three citations styles that are APA, MLA, and Harvard.


    They provide guides for citation styles of AMA, APA, Council of Science Editors and MLA.

  • Plagiarism+


    Plagiarism Questions

    Get an answer to almost every question related to piracy.

    Plagiarism Organization

    The organization gives a brief understanding of plagiarism.


    Globally used plagiarism checker.

    Plagiarism Information

    Authentic information related to plagiarism.

  • Universities Admission+

    Universities Admission

    World admission portal

    This portal is helpful for admission in the entire world. You can get the information of universities of almost every country like United States, Canada, United Kingdom, HongKong, Korea, Nigeria, Portugal, China, Thailand, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, etc. Now search the web and know regarding subject areas, crash courses, admission procedures, living styles, and much more information.

    Europe admission portal in 25 countries

    This portal helps you to guide admission in all European countries university. You may get high ranked or low-cost university at the same time

    Germany admission guide

    These portals exclusively help you get admission in German universities. Germany mostly offers low cost with a high standard of living.

    Sweden admission guide

    One of the best destination to live and study free of cost. Sweden also has some free of cost university, and these portals help you a lot.

    Australian admission guide

    Australia is a land of ideas. You can get the admission help from this portal. Australia is known as one of the best Asian destinations to study and live.

    Finland admission guide

    One of the Europe most exceptional education system is in Finland. You can get the admission idea of Finland universities through these portals.

    Greece admission guide

    Greece all-time classic. If someone loves tourism and its universities then go to Greece. This portal help you get admission in Greece with full criteria.

    Hong Kong admission guide

    Hong Kong, one the most growing nation in Asia. Hong Kong has one the best world-ranked universities, and you can get help via these portals for admission.

    Iceland admission guide

    People who love ice and cold can find the best university via these portals.

    India admission guide

    Culture and Asian environment. India is also one the growing nation through tourism and management universities.

    Ireland admission guide

    United Kingdom neighbor with the global environment. These portal help you guide admission in Ireland universities.

    Israel admission guide

    One the smallest nation with well-equipped universities. These portals guide for Israel universities and their admission requirements.

    Japan admission guide

    The Asian most developed country with high technology requirement. If your field is technical and you love to study technical fields then review these portals to get admission in Japanese universities

    Malta admission guide

    Europe smallest nation with European standard studies. This portal help you get admission in Malta universities.

    Holland/Netherlands admission guide

    It is a peaceful nation with beautiful scenes and environment. You can get the information about the beautiful University of the Netherlands via these portals.

    Pakistan admission guide

    Asian culture and Asian universities. There is some best university in Pakistan and this portal help you to get admission there.

    Russia admission guide

    Russian guide to the universities with English and their local language. These portals help you get admission in Russian universities with their requirements.

    Saudia Arab admission guide

    Islamic country with Islamic culture and their requirements in universities. Review this portal to apply in Saudia Arab university.

    Turkey admission guide

    Turkey, a European nation with Islamic culture and tourism hub. These portals help you take admission in Turkish universities.

    United states admission guide

    A leading state with leading university and academic universities. One of the top-ranked universities is there in the United States. You can get all information of US universities via these portals.

    Austria admission guide

    Austrian nation with Austrian language and their culture. You can get admission and the details in detail via this portal.

    Belgium admission guide

    Europe elite nation with a high standard of studies requirements. These portals help you take admission in Belgium's most of the universities.

    Brazil admission guide

    A South American nation with South American university culture. Rio De Janeiro and their universities are also in this portal to get admission help.

    Masters portal

    Masters portal is jack to all website. You can get the information of most of the universities. This portal has large data from universities with their deadline and fees information.

  • Scholarships+


    Scholarship portal

    Scholarship portal is a most influential website for needy students. This portal has worldwide scholarship network, especially for students, want to study in developed countries.

    Scholars4dev portal

    This portal also helps the student to got scholarship in Europe countries. All the awards are up to date with their initial requirements.

    International scholarships portal

    This portal helps you to get the scholarship in countries like USA and United Kingdom. Both countries are famous for their best institutional system and technologies.

    Canada scholarships portal

    Canada is one of the best countries to study and career growth. You can find all the awards related to your field and requirements.

    Germany scholarships portal

    Germany's best scholarship portal to pursue your studies and higher education. You can find the best scholarship network in Germany.

    Australia scholarships portal

    Australia is also one of the best destinations for study and lives. Some institute is very expensive due to their standard and world ranking, but they also provide merit-based scholarships. Those students who have an excellent academic record can take help from this portal to get a scholarship in Australia.

  • General Knowledge+

    General Knowledge

    Did You Know Facts

    Running by few people, trying to prove that every day contains something new for you. This site cover topic related to SCIENCE, WEIRD, ANIMALS & NATURE, FUNNY, HISTORY, WORLD CULTURE, TECHNOLOGY


    It is a video sharing platform where experts from different fields share their experiences and success.

    Life Hacker

    A UK based blog is sharing tips, trick, and practical skills regarding spending life in a better way by enhancing proficiency and efficiency.

    The Daily Positive

    Providing actionable approaches to making life easy and better.

    Mental Floss

    Related to history, facts of life, tips & tricks, recipes, entertainment, weather, quizzes, skill development and lot more.

  • Technology+


    Digital Trends

    Share information about digital product reviews. But also discuss hack related to plasma TV, screens, Apple products, and digital games.

    Tech Crunch

    The primary focus of this website is to enhance the awareness about latest gadgets, app, and technologies however you can find more material related to self/skill development.

    The Next Web

    The name is self-explanatory about the niche of the website. You can find a different solution for the various issues and information about trending digital devices.

    Gadget Review

    GadgetReview is a review sharing platform for the distinct type of tools and gadgets favorite in our daily life.


    The author of this website discusses the pros and cons of different technology gadgets.

  • Innovation+


    Innovation 360

    It is a UAE based website that prescribes innovative ideas for entrepreneurs and small business corporations.

    Don The Idea Guy

    A website to show innovation and creativity. It presents the tricks to use anything that usually people did not think yet.

    Innovation Excellence

    This website is strictly focused on publishing interesting articles about creativity skill enhancement and excelling your innovative power.

    Destination Innovation

    Mr. Paul Sloane owns this website that is experience and professional leadership trainer. He shares exciting creative ideas to benefit leaders and corporates.

    Bank Innovation

    The advisors of this site are industry experts and professionals who have unique intelligence in controlling financial services. This facilitation is handling by the team of young innovators.

  • Science+


    National Academies

    It is the USA based science academy website that helps in various field of science. The information here is discussed preventive and medicines mostly.

    Science Stage

    A portal to supply knowledge upon latest scientific research and innovation in science. It helps through audios and videos.


    It provides awareness of human health and fitness. This website shares the medical and home remedy tips for keeping your health better.

    Science Daily

    People discuss and publish various article contains daily news and researches about human physics, medicines, green nature, earth, climate, etc.

    Science News For Kids

    This website is designed for kids to understand the different concept of science through various explanation and examples. There is a lot of exciting information for children who love science.