Women Motivation: Let Your Ocean Flow Freely

Posted on: September 5, 2019

Being a woman, it’s essential to every soul to inspire others and get inspired to change lives positively. This kind of self-motivation keeps you happier, healthier, and fulfilled. By opening the ways of positive thinking and actionable alliances, you can have a difference in your daily life. Motivation is powerful but is not easy to incorporate it via inspiration. You have to make a positive difference in your life by having it from your surroundings. These will also going to impact your future generations.

In this article, we will get yourself to a positive influence and motivating you with the capabilities that you have within yourself to get inspired and also, inspire others. This will inevitably lead a better version of you being women and enable you to celebrate yourself.

Real-Life Examples

History is filled with many inspiring examples of women who have demonstrated leadership and is witnessed by the excellent skillset of greatness and excellence. Rani of Jhansi, Mother Teresa, Razia Sultana, Indira Gandhi, Dr. Ruth Phau, Eleanor Roosevelt, Alice Walker, Malala Yousufzai, and there are uncounted names that have made legends inspiring millions.  Women have a gift of compassion, care, tenderness, and positivity of life. Below are some inspirations to help you fly high and get yourself free from intangible boundaries.

Don’t let your fears control you

We all are experts in making excuses for why we cannot do something. This happens because we have a fear of rejection. Our fears paralyze us, and we are unable to move on from that moment of impact. We are often scared of getting a NO or getting someone laughing at us. We then start to avoid the situations to get ourselves into those embarrassments. It gets in our subconscious minds gradually. However, we don’t have to do this to ourselves. Everyone has felt this way at every stage of our life. Fears harm us a lot more than we ever realize.

When we are scared of things, we stop putting ourselves out there, we stop trying new things, new stop exploring new destinations and we don’t take risks. This also backs you off from falling for someone or creating a new relationship. When you fear, it starts to control you, and you overthink for everything. You grab yourself back, unconsciously, and your life starts being restricted.

It’s better for you to don’t let fear taking over to you, start thanking yourself for being positive. Believe in yourself, and think of the things you want to do and start doing them. Be specific and pay gratitude every day. Success is always on the other side of your fear. So, stay positive, remember things that you have done to make yourself proud and inspired others. Be grateful for everything that you have.

Focus your physical & mental stability

Every day is a new opportunity to create new beginnings for ourselves. New challenges help us to reach our true potential. Focusing on our physical and mental health can get us to set a goal of keeping our body and mind healthy and happy. We live only once, and it’s essential to keep our mind and body stable to enjoy every moment. Exercises daily for 30 minutes, drink lots of water, maintain a healthy diet is the key. Also, place your mindset into a positive one by living into the present. Boost your self-esteem is vital for your physical and mental stability. Maintaining a healthy physical and psychological mindset, along with emotional stability, is an excellent way to keep yourself motivated.

Make peace with your past

They say: “make peace with your past so that it won’t affect your future.”  However, making peace with your past is extremely tough. Our minds are conditioned to the methods of natural learning and cling themselves to past preservations. Consciously or subconsciously, we are often attached to our past experiences. Keep recalling those painful memories can make us upset and nurture the negativity and festering wound that adds no value to our present and future. Hence, you have to make peace with your past to make yourself grow. Make your own choices and chose only to hold onto your happiest memories.

Inspire & get inspired

Everyone has something to inspire others in a significant way. Inspirations are powerful. It can make you happier, healthier, and fulfilled. Positive motivation can make a considerable difference in anyone’s life.  It’s not easy; however, you can return a favor by making a positive change in anyone’s life who’s worthy for you. Be a positive influencer to inspire your loved ones and become a better version of yourself and make them capable of being functional as well. Be enthusiastic and be an active listener. If you didn’t find anything positive to say then be quite. Deliver constructive criticism and admit your flaws when necessary by apologizing. Treat everyone equally, do good to others, and it will come back to you in a beautiful way.

Work for yourself

No one knows all the answers, hence, explore alternative ideas and thoughts to challenge yourself to learn something new and more every day. Work for yourself and explore well-thought potential spectrums to get to the other side of the story. Regard everyone for teaching you something. Have a conversation with influencers and mentors to groom yourself professionally. Stop burdening up differently from the constant change of mind. Open up to show others that you are firm and willing to your convictions and challenge yourself to grow. By this, you will end up working with the thing you love, and it will accelerate a mutual trust to get people to you; otherwise, they might be afraid to approach you.

Feel Free to Flow

Stop pushing yourself to those things that you dint wanna do. Make yourself haywire to feel free to flow with the wind. Don’t restrict yourself to follow the rules, instead, give yourself freedom. If you are asked to help, give your best to surpass the hurdles. If you need help, ask for it without fear. Also, intentionally leave things to imaginations so they can give you the freedom to fill the blanks accordingly. When you discover your capabilities, you will be able to figure out things more practically and will take the power of your life as well.