Is It Handy To Use A Homework Machine? : Reviving the Importance of Manual Writing

Posted on: July 16, 2019

We live in an era of fast-growing generations and smart learning. Today’s kids are far more prone to save time and wanna get productive in multiple fields of study. Parents and teachers have no time to waste for unnecessary stuff and so the children.

In the past years, there was a comic named “The homework machine by Dan Guttmann” in which a kid made a machine to get his homework done. No one could ever imagine then that the wish is going to be true ever. However it is a working model now.

Homework machines are the result of the need to save time and get perfection in assignments. They are made on the working model of printing machines and designed to do task-based jobs as programmed. You just have to connect your homework machine to your computer, and you can write up what you want to write and draw.

Although these machines are extremely useful in terms of saving time, energy, and getting perfection to the work, however, they have a disadvantage of getting people dependent on them for the things they can do by themselves, and that may also add up to their leaning and experience. Homework machines are handy to use, but they are somehow making students lazy but in a creative way.

However, the dispute is never-ending, and we can only compare and analyze benefits by differentiating the motive of innovation. Still, the importance of manual writing cannot be denied as they help you to prepare your kids for future. It is futile to say that homework machines can replace manual writing completely, as manual writing has its own benefits that are superior to machines.

Let’s revive the importance of manual writing by comparing the below five benefits:

1. Connects with emotions

Mechanical based software cannot replace the creativity and thought the processing of human emotions. Homework machines may have limitations to get command from a program and do the task accordingly, while children can add up their ideas while doing work. If anything new clicks to their mind, they can mould the assignment accordingly. This will add connectivity and creativity to them and the end product as well. There is no all-rounder programming that can handle all the necessary functionalities of homework needs, hence you may need more than one software running to get your assignment done. This may add time, money, and efforts.

2. Sensible writing

A good homework of any subject wants a sort of logical and connective stuff that is only possible with manual drafting. Humans have a better grasp of sensibility and humour in content. An experiment was done recently to make bots write a new chapter of the famous novel series “Harry Potter.” This was done by using the voice and style of the author, and the outcome was hilarious.

3. Adaptable style

Robots are rigid. They cannot get adaptable to different statements and styles unless programmed accordingly. If you feed to create a sketch, then it will continue to draw until they are processed and a command is generated to get the work done. The whole process is time consuming. Alternatively, humans are adaptable to a high level of flexibility as they can think, observe, process, and act indifferently.

4. A touch of humour

A decent bit of fun is always right to create interest and engage your reader. A good writing is, or art is not only related to the end product that is perfectly designed and written mistake-free. It is the one that may have flaws but is good enough to grab the interest of the audience and make them to read or see it more deeply and completely. Also, that will aid to the thought processing and intellectual learning of children as well.

5. Logical bridging

Transitional words are used to bridge sentences and create a statement of ideas that complement each other. Smooth bridging needs creativity. Homework machines are somehow not reliable for logical bridging as they may work on electrical mode instead of manual methods, and they write for assign tasks with commands. They are also not designed on artificial intelligence basics; hence, they lack the decision making. Maintaining a steady flow in writing is essential to make it authentic.

Wrap up

As mentioned above, homework machines are good to have when it comes to save time, energy, and make things smooth to perfection in printing. However, it has its own drawbacks as they run off electrical dependency and need a programmed criterion to work on, and you need to make a lot of adjustments for different tasks. While, manual work has its own adaptability, creativity, and logic when it comes to adding value to learning. So set your priorities to decide which one is better for your assignment and use both approaches smartly to learn and earn good grades.